SunWest Foods is a marketer of high quality medium grain rice grown in California’s Sacramento Valley. Our distribution encompasses proprietary SunWest and Daisizen branded consumer packages, ingredients for major cereal companies and many major private label brands.

We are sellers of 20,000 metric ton quantities loaded into ocean vessels as well as highly polished packaged rice in 2 lb through 25 lb sizes in retail and mass merchandise stores. Costco stores nationally and in Canada and Mexico sell SunWest branded Calrose rice and we are a major supplier of rice to ethnic Japanese and Korean retail stores and restaurants through many distributor owned brands.

SunWest sells both Milled White Rice and Brown Rice which is milled to retain the rice bran layer giving it a nutty flavor while retaining more of the vitamins and fiber. White rice is milled to remove the bran layer for a milder taste and texture.

Rice is typically sold as US No. 1 but SunWest’s high polish milling process and consumer based standards generally exceed a US #1 standard.

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