Wild Rice is an indigenous grain to North America and grown in California, Minnesota and Canada. It is often blended with other types of rice or grains. With an enticing blend of smoky, nutty flavors and crackly-crunchiness, wild rice has long been a favorite of gourmets.

SunWest Wild Rice is grown naturally in the shadow of California’s Mt. Shasta and the spring-fed rice paddies of the Sacramento Valley. Cultivated in a climate of long warm days and cool nights, our wild rice is a long, slender kernel full of flavor and nutrition.

The caviar of grains, wild rice is high in protein and fiber, low fat and calories and rich in niacin, thiamin and riboflavin.

We also grow small quantities of specialty rices like “Calmochi” (sweet rice), Jasmine, Calmati and colored rices like Black Japonica and Red rice. These unique SunWest rices provide an incredible array of tastes and visual appeal for our enticing rice blend products.

If you crave a little adventure or want to refresh your menu, try our specialty rice blends:

Jasmine Medley

A blend of Thai Jasmine rice, wild rice, dehydrated vegetable and herbs, including leeks, mushrooms and lemon peel, for a unique flavored pilaf in the Thai tradition.

Basmati Medley

This is a special blend of CalMati Rice and Wild Rice with a select blend of garden herbs and vegetables.

Harvest Medley

A blend of Aromatic Brown Basmati Rice, Wild Rice, Long Grain Red Rice and Calmochi Brown Sweet Rice. The Brown Basmati base gives this blend a rich, nutty flavor and the heirloom red and wild add spice and color to the dish.

Haiga Mai

Literally, “Rice with Germ” in Japanese made of Calhikari short grain rice, milled in a special process that removes most of the bran, but leaves the nutritious germ intact. The flavor profile is “nuttier” than milled white rice, with a slightly firmer texture.

To purchase SunWest’s wild rice and wild rice blends directly, please contact Next Gen Foods at http://www.nextgenfoods.com.

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