With over a million acres in production, California continues to be the premier supplier of tree nuts to traditional markets while poised for growth in Asia and the Middle East.

SunWest Foods has been supplying retailers with SunNuts, their premium retail brand of nuts, for over 30 years.  SunWest Foods also services manufacturers and distributors with the bulk supply of walnuts, pecans, pistachios, and other tree nuts. 


California is the only place in North America where almonds are grown commercially. Nutritionally concentrated, almonds have the best ratio of important nutrients to calories of any nut as well as being high in dietary fiber and low in sodium. Our almonds are whole, sliced, slivered or diced and can be ordered natural, blanched or roasted.


Dating back to the holy lands of the Middle East, pistachios are today grown in abundance in California. With good nutrition and great taste, California Pistachios are appropriate for any occasion. Whether roasted and salted in the shell or shelled as a cooking ingredient, California Pistachios are high in fiber, low in saturated fat and contain no cholesterol.


Pecans are truly America's native nut. Grown from the Atlantic coast to California, Pecans are America's favorite cooking nut. The many uses include appetizers, soups, main dishes, baked goods and desserts. Pecans are available in the shell and shelled as halves or pieces of any size, both raw and toasted.


Walnuts have been recognized as the oldest tree food known to man and are grown today in California's fertile central valleys. Nutritionally rich in Omega-3, walnuts contain no cholesterol. Our walnuts are sold in the shell for holiday gift giving or shelled as halves, halves and pieces or pieces of any size for home cooking or as industrial ingredients.

Pine Nuts

Pine Nuts are harvested from natural pine forests of China and have been included in the Mediterranean and Asian diets for centuries. Our pine nuts can be ordered both raw and roasted and are great as a salad topping, side dish garnish, or as the main ingredient for pesto.

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