About Us

The highest quality rice products—directly from growers to you.

SunWest Foods was established in 1986 to provide superior quality California rice and wild rice to National and Global rice markets.

SunWest Foods initially included SunWest Wild Rice Company, and SunWest Organics. The firm further expanded with the construction of significant milling and warehousing projects.

SunWest Organics is a significant marketer of organic California rice.



SunWest Milling Company’s highly automated rice milling facility is the largest single mill in California capable of milling 160,000 pounds per hour.


SunWest purchases, markets and processes rice and wild rice from over 300 farmers with 12- 14% of the California rice production and over 40% of California’s wild rice production.


SunWest proudly sells rice domestically and internationally from California to Japan, Jordan to South Africa and Europe to New Zealand