Food Ingredients

SunWest sells into the food ingredient sector supported by facilities designed specifically to respond to the needs of safe food ingredients by local, regional, national and multi-national food processors and marketers.

In cases where consumers are allergic to wheat and soy, rice has been the solution to create products that are gluten-free.

Rice and Wild Rice are utilized by soup manufacturers and producers of frozen, pre-cooked and retort rice dishes sold into the food service industry for restaurants, cafeterias, commissaries, hospitals and the U.S. military. California rice and wild rice are favorite ingredients of branded pilaf marketers into the retail trade. The ever more popular US and European Sushi restaurants also utilize California rice almost exclusively.




Cereal and noodle manufacturers find the unique starch content of California’s Japonica type rice produces a highly advantageous product which extrudes and puffs perfectly. In recent years, California puffed rice has become especially popular among health bar manufacturers.

California rice has also enjoyed significant growth with four rice flour manufacturers now located in Northern California. California rice has traditionally been utilized by major beer brands in the U.S. Many brewery formulations use rice as the foundation of beer taste and palatability.