Domestic Packaged Goods

SunWest’s line of consumer packaged rice and wild rice products are sold predominately through the proprietary SunWest and Daisizen brands, and private label ethnic Asian food distributors. 

Our SunWest proprietary brands are found in Costco stores nationally on a rotation basis with the flagship SunWest brand having been sold in Costco stores since 1988. Our wild rice and specialty rice blends have also been sold through Costco during much of the same period.

 With our Daisizen brand and through an extensive private label program, we are one of the largest suppliers of calrose rice, premium sushi medium grain rice and sweet rice into the Korean and Japanese communities in the U.S. and Europe.

California rice sold by SunWest and others can be found on retail supermarket shelves, military commissaries and many high end specialty markets including natural food stores.